Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maiden Voyage (repost from April, 2008)

Arsia Mons University
Anthropology Dept.
Building 81-1019
Tharsis, OL 72169


I am very excited to announce that the maiden voyage of the 'Blue Ruins' will take place this summer.

I am also very excited to share our first destination; the Moaning Cryptacombs of Forqongue .

We are aware that some have accused us of using the tragedy involving the late Dr. Sempt and the Cryptacombs to draw donors and attention to our department and university here at Arsia Mons. I want to assure you that nothing could be farther from the truth. The Cryptacombs have been a personal interest of mine since long before my work with Dr. Sempt. The grottoes are a pervasive mystery that have intrigued anthropologists and musicologists for generations. My staff and I are taking every precaution to ensure that fatal incident is never repeated in the caverns beneath Forqongue.

Advanced topographical equipment onboard the 'Blue Ruins' should shed some insight into the labyrinth layout, while a more powerful transmitter will keep me in contact with the ships coms at all times. We have located what appears to be a secondary entrance near the northern face of Lecterne's Folly. By entering at this new location I hope to evade the Ferals long enough to set a simple array of recording devices at the first nexus. The very fact that Ferals direct natural wind currents through the tunnels to create their arias implies the existence of several entrances and exits to the crypts. We have designed the 'Blue Ruins' algorithms to map likely escapes in accordance with the resonances measured in the chambers themselves. In theory, the very music that they create to lure their victims in will guide my way out.

In this way we hope to be the first to record and archive the haunting mystery of the Moaning Cryptacombs of Forqongue.

Thank you to all who've supported 'The Blue Ruins Project'. Your encouragement and investment means a lot to all of us and is very close to paying tangible dividends. We are especially indebted to the estate of Mr. Maji Nayshiun , whose generous contribution to this project has made possible many of the extensive repairs and modifications necessary to restore the craft to her former glory.

Stay Tuned,

Interplanetary Musicologist

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