Friday, November 13, 2009

The Mystery is Revealed!

Have you've ever wondered what the mysterious arias from the Cryptocombs of Forqongue sound like? What beckoning dirge has lured so many to their doom? Would you be able to resist their deadly hypnotic spell?

The Professor has emerged from his rehabilitation at Tharsis General Wellness with the cure for your curiosity. A song composed from the melody that nearly cost him his life in the dark caves of a planet 12 light years from Earth!

Try the link below and transport yourself to the source of this notorious enigma! A secret unraveled by...Blue Ruins!

(Full length composition available to members of The Blue Ruins Project)

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  1. Hi Blueruins,

    I found you via the EJ forum and thought I'd contact you here instead of replying to your post where everybody there could see it.

    Small world, I live in Honoka'a too. I'm 17 and I play 'ukulele. I love it up here, but I'm not finding many people to jam with (we're new to the area). I've been playing for 4-5 years and am relatively competent. Do you know of any musical happenings (jams, etc...) in the area that might help get me into the scene a bit?

    Any leads would be very much appreciated,