Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Temporary Outpost on Clod 9

It's swiftly nearing the end of 2011 and we felt it was time to get you up-to-date with the goings on of Project Blue Ruins.
In November of this year we moved all operations to a temporary outpost on Clod 9 in the Canis Minor region. Our funding from the University was not renewed due to budgetary shortfalls related to the damages sustained at Forqongue.
Thanks to your generous donations we have been able to keep the project on life-support but we have many hurdles to see the Blue Ruins ready for her next endeavor.
It has always been my intent to keep the Blue Ruins in her original configuration as much as possible. However, the cost of reproducing the one-of-a-kind components for Zerrill's 1937 DeManta prototype have us at a standstill. I must admit we are giving serious consideration to updating the Blue Ruins to get her space-worthy again. Please let us know how this would affect your willingness to support this project. We know many of you supporters are keen on keeping Zerrill's vision alive just as it was created. We are sensitive to this venerable history but also anxious to get the ship in working shape as well...it is a dilemma.
Meanwhile, the folks here on Clod 9 are extremely close-knit and friendly. Everybody is quick to lend a hand and no one has been lost to the shambles since we've arrived. The storm shields have kept us and the Blue Ruins safe and the arid clime has been great for her alloys and electronics.
We are still eyeing a possible move to Vellux in the near future...we'll keep you abreast.
Happy New Year,
The Professor

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